The days of 30 to 60 minute workouts on oversized machines are over. The sprint training revolution is here. The science behind sprinting combined with the technology of The X-iser gives you a full cardio workout in just a few minutes a day. No... it is not just another stepper! The X-iser is specifically designed to allow any age and fitness level a way to sprint train. No other stepping device can provide the same level of benefit.Xiser Regular

Cast Aluminum Alloy
Weighs only 14 lbs
Withstands weight in excess of 400 lbs.
Patented Hydraulic Cylinder System
Adjustable resistance
Responds to your effort and ability
Silicone fluid for smooth & quiet operation
Portable Design
Uses only 2 cubic feet of space
Folds to 20.5" x 13" x 4"

The X-iser Machine™ was engineered to ensure correct hip and knee alignment, providing an optimal, impact free workout. The hands-free design promotes the development of stabilizer muscles and correct posture, thus improving balance. Stepping on the X-iser™ is like doing multiple one-legged squats on both legs at the same time. This creates a great demand on the muscles because there is no rest period for the muscles during stepping. This type of exercise (Burst Training) challenges both aerobic and anaerobic systems at the same time. That is why the X-iser™ can produce such a wide range of benefits in as little as 12 minutes per week and is safe and effective for everybody.

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